All mixed up…a minor whinge.

Why is it that when I buy diesel for my car, it is priced per litre (just like the rest of Europe), but fuel economy figures are still quoted in miles per gallon, rather than litres / 100 km? Oh, and the road signs and speed limits are all in miles (per hour) too. How much does it cost me to drive the 60 miles to Manchester? An unnecessary stretch on my mental arithmetic!

Can’t we make the decision to properly metricate…or go back to poles, perches and chains. One way or the other, please! I suppose we could introduce a hybrid miles/ litre unit, just to confuse everyone even further.

Another measurement peculiarity…why do we measure electrical energy in kilowatt-hours? Surely this is Joules / second x 3600 seconds – a tautological unit if ever there was one.

Let’s raise a toast to simplicity.

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2 Responses to All mixed up…a minor whinge.

  1. Mark Carey says:

    I think I quite appreciate these odd and quirky things – peculiarities that remind us that humanity is basically messy and needs help! The best thing is the the answer does seem to be simplicity but not in the form of an EU Directive.
    By the way – what happened to your thoughts on The Forgotten Ways? I’d love to hear more. M

  2. sharedvoids says:

    Quite right, makes me think of the tower of Babel!

    Good point about The Forgotten Ways, which I did make some notes on. I think its about time to return to them, having read a couple of other books around that theme…and see what I can pull out of it.


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