How much is that in today's money?

Liz has been working on some material for Acts of Collective Worship (ask her!) this evening and came across the fact that Howard Carter had spent around £1m looking for Tutankhamun’s tomb before his eventual success in 1922.

£1m sounds a lot, but what would £1m 1922 pounds be worth today? Easy enough, in principle, to find out…use RPI figures, average earnings, GDP deflators. But hey, that’s hard work. I came across a very useful site Measuring Worth which does it all for you.

The answers (yes, there are 5)

£40,687,624.86 using the retail price index
£43,569,042.90 using the GDP deflator
£179,287,189.73 using the average earnings
£234,149,663.45 using the per capita GDP
£323,693,859.86 using the share of GDP

Hey, you may find some use for this one day!

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